Tire Shredding (Recycling) Machines

Tire Shredding Machines are large industrial pieces of equipment used for recycling tires. Some heavy grade tires must be cut (sometimes also with a cutting machine) prior to shredding; however practically all tires can be shredded for reuse.

The most common place to find old used tires laying around are recycling companies and landfills. These are common places to find tire shredders, however they may also be found at tire specialty stores.


Truck Tire Shredding Machine

How can shredded tires be recycled?

Listed below are a few methods in which the crumbs of shredded tires can be recycled:

Unshredded tires can also be used in barrier for collision reduction, erosion control, rainwater runoff as well as wave protection for piers and marches

Where to Buy Shredders & Cost

Like other large scale industrial equipment, expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars for these pieces of machinery. Note that while there are a few portable models most are large stationary units. The following are some of the major manufacturers of tire shredding machines along with their website.

See the video below for a tire shredder in action.

Tire Shredding Demonstration