Hennessy Industries, Inc. Overview

Coats is a top brand tire machine maker including both changers and balancers. Coats is a brand owned and operated by Hennessy Industries which also managed the Ammco and Bada brands which make brake lathes and wheel weights respectively.

About Hennessy Industries, Inc.
Hennessy has operations not only in the United States, including their headquarters in La Vergne Tennessee; but also facilities in Canada and China. As states on their website, "...Hennessy Industries is one of the world's foremost aftermarket manufactures of wheel-service equipment." This includes the design, build and marketing of heavy duty equipment, consumables and accessories.

The Coats brand primarily makes Tire Changers and Wheel Balancers. Coats includes a sub-brand drubbed Baseline or Baseline by Coats. These are more cost effective units that have the tagline, "It's ability you can actually afford."

Check out both the Coats and Baseline major tire machine categories below. From each category we highlight a sample model, with details below the picture. To see all models, prices and for complete specs; check out their website at ammcoats.com

Coats & Baseline Tire Machine Selection

Tire Changers

Baseline BL200 Tire Changer with 21

Baseline Tire Changing Machines

Six (6) Models Available
Model Pictured: BL200 - $1,895
BL200 w/ 21" Clamping Capacity
Part # - 85002200

70X-Series Leverless Tire Changer

Coats Tire Changing Machines

Thirteen (13) Models Available
Model Pictured: 70XEHL
Electric Drive, Handle Actuated Bead
Part US: 80070XEHL

Heavy Duty Tire Changer Model CHD-9551

Heavy Duty Tire Changers

Eight (8) Models Available
Model Pictured: CHD-9551
Rims from 14" to 56"
Part # - 8009551

Motorcycle Tire Changer Baseline BL200MC

Motorcycle & ATV Changers

Six (6) Models Available
Model Pictured: BL2000MC - $1,995
Durable, Entry-Level Machine
Part # - 85002200MC

Model 310 Manual Tire Changer

Manual Tire Changers

Two (2) Models Available
Model Pictured: 310 - $1,045
Includes all necessary tools
Part # - 8030000

Wheel Balancers

BaseLine BL225 Wheel Balancer

Light Duty Wheel Balancers

One (1) Model Available
Model Pictured: BL225 - $1,995
Car & Truck Tires
Part # - 85002225

COATS ProRide PL Diagnostic Wheel Balancer

High Volume Wheel Balancers

Twelve (12) Models Available
Model Pictured: PRORIDE-PL
Car & Truck Tires
Part US: 85001875

COATS Model 6450-3D Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Balancer

Heavy Duty Wheel Balancers

Four (4) Models Available
Model Pictured: 6450-3D
Heavy Duty Truck Tires
Part # - 8506450

Coats 775 40mm Wheel Balancer

Motorcycle & ATV Balancer

Two (2) Models Available
Model Pictured: 775
Low Volume Shops
Part # - 85007775

Model 310 Manual Tire Changer

Bubble Balancers

Two (2) Models Available
Model Pictured: M61 - $475
Replaced Coats M-76
Part # - 8112980