Tire Truing Overview

Tire Truing is the process of shaving high points on the tire tread that are causing vibration during driving. Tire shaving is just as simple as it sounds; its literally cutting off pieces of the tire. While this may sound counterintuitive, when done by a trained professional with the correct specialty equipment it can produce dramatic corrective results. Although any tire can be trued, this is more common with heavy duty commercial tires for tractors and other equipment that requires large oversized rubber.

Amermac Tire Truer


When does a tired need to be shaved?

Several conditions can cause a tire to need to be shaved back into proportions. This can range from tread coming loose during strenuous off-road use to a flat spot created during a brake lockup. Many experts consider tire truing to be a lost art as mass production and the wide spread growth of tire specialty stores have pushed purchasing new tires on general consumers. It however it not uncommon to find this practice among specialty communities such as 4X4 and racing enthusiasts along with the heavy equipment owners listed above.

Please Note: Before engaging in tire truing you should check to see that your tires/wheels are balanced and aligned. You should also ensure there are no suspension issues including driveshaft problems. Also tire truing machines are commonly offered for sale on eBay and Amazon that are designed for high end RC race cars. Do not mistake these machines for the ones used for a full size vehicle.

Where to Buy a Tire Truing Machine & Cost

Tire truers are hard to find nowadays. Pretty much the only company that makes them is Amermac which produces a few different truing machines, tire warmers and spinners. It is easier to search "Tire Shaving Machine" when looking for these devices as more results come up.

We will refrain from including links here as inventory and availability changes too frequently. Be ready to spend $5,000 and up if are serious about purchasing one. Additionally you can always check out eBay and Craigslist for a used tire truing machine.

Check out the video below which also features the tire truing warm up machines which spins the tire softening the rubber and prepping it for shaving.

Tire Truing Demonstration