Hunter Engineering Company Overview

Hunter Engineering Company is the maker of Hunter Alignment Systems, Lift Racks, Wheel Balancers, Tire Changers, Brake Lathes and many more pieces of automotive service equipment.

Hunter is a research and development focused organization that is the primary equipment supplier for many major automotive dealerships. This includes OEM production, research, testing and training facilities including the following.

Hunter's world headquarters are located in St. Louis Missouri which including management, engineering, support and manufacturing along with a research and training center. Hunter also has several manufacturing facilities in Mississippi and regional training centers across the United States. Lastly, Hunter has a footprint around the globe with locations in Canada, China, Germany and Russia.

Hunter Engineering Company Origins

Hunter was originally founded by Lee Hunter in the 1930s who developed a method for quick charging car batteries. Lee's further inventions would change the automotive service industry. This would continue into the 1950s and 60s when the car industry boomed in America. For a full history of Hunter see their website.

See a snapshot of Hunter products below including a selection of tire changers, wheel balancers and alignment systems. For the full product lineup, pricing and additional information check out the official Hunter Engineering Company website at

Hunter Tire Machine Selection

Tire Changers

Hunter Revolution Tire Changer

Revolution - Fully Automatic

Hunter Auto34 Tire Changer

Auto34 - Leverless

Hunter Auto28 Tire Changer

Auto28 - Leverless Center Clamp

Hunter TC3700 Tire Changer

TC3700 - Ergonomic

Hunter TC3300 Tire Changer

TC3300 - Center Clamp

Hunter TCX575 Tire Changer

TCX575 - Advanced Conventional

Hunter TCX53 Tire Changer

TCX53 - Bead Press Systems

Hunter TCX51 Tire Changer

TCX51 - Bead Press Arm

Hunter TCX50 Tire Changer

TCX50 - Standard Tire Changer

Hunter TCX620HD Tire Changer

TCX620HD - Compact Truck

Hunter TCX640HD Tire Changer

TCX640HD - Heavy Duty

Balancers & Alignment Systems

Hunter Road Force Touch Wheel Balancer

Road Force Touch - Balancer

Hunter QuickMatch Wheel Balancer

QuickMatch - Vibration Diagnostics

Hunter SmartWeight Wheel Balancer

SmartWeight Touch - High Capacity

Hunter DSP9200 Wheel Balancer

DSP9200 - Computerized

Hunter DSP7705 Wheel Balancer

DSP7705 - Rugged Economy

Hunter ForceMatch HD Wheel Balancer

ForceMatch HD - Heavy-Duty

Hunter Strobe Wheel Balancing System

Strobe - Balancing System

Hunter HawkEye Elite Premium Alignment Systems

HawkEye - Alignment Systems

Hunter ProAlign Alignment Systems

ProAlign - Alignment Systems

Hunter WinAlign HD Alignment Systems

WinAlign HD - Heavy Duty

Hunter Quick Check

Quick Check - Tire Angles